Something about Captain......

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My handsome boy, just hard to try your best and do yourself !!! You are the best captain and no one can replace!!!

P.S. 我知道我英文很爛,而且這篇都沒改過XD(毆)不過我用英文是因為語氣看上去會禮貌很多,我怕用中文的話就會「BI LI BA LA」的一大堆爆發XDllll

OK, I will try to rationality to express what I want to said.

When I go to the forum I always see that some fans talking about the issue of our captain. May be many people think that Arshavin is more suitable to be a captain than Cesc. However, in my view I can’t see any reason we need to change the captain.
Could it be said that if anyone can shoot 4 goals in one match that main he can become a captain ever he just join the club not enough half year?
I think the answer is no because “captain” is not just stand for the amount of goals.
You can see Liverpool, did Torres can replace Gerrard to be a captain? C7 shoot more than 40 goals at last season but it didn’t mean he can do the captain well.
Captain, who can consociate the teammates and the club emblem, is a spiritual leader in the club. Cesc is the captain, may be Toure can, may be Almunia can right now, but not is Arshavin. On the other hand, perhaps Arshavin can become a captain in Arsenal someday, but not now.
It is not the right time to talking about the "captain".

It seem to be gooners disagreed, falling into Cesc and Arshavin camps.......lllllbb
Hope this is my misconception ^^llllbb

Anyway, I still love ARSENAL and all GUNNERS.

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Spiritual leader...
if it means success and hope we could make it Arshavin
but Arsenal is not a simple,easy team
would be complicate to develop it

(不過我還是想看中文 @"@)
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我是沒看過Cesc幾場比賽,不能說我了解他,但你的話的確有道理…總之,如果因為captain的事情讓大家吵架了不是好事吧XD" 希望大家相信Cesc囉!!
對了,請問C7是指誰? = =a
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所以其實隊長的人選已經訂下來了,就不要為了這個而爭吵啦.....因為這是沒有意義的啊= [
唔.....C7是指曼聯的Cristiano Ronaldo,因為他穿7號球衣
這個人真的讓人想巴死他= =#####
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